What is Abu Daoud reading? Ten Muslims Meet Christ

You are in your car. You break out in a cold sweat. You realize that you have no idea what Abu Daoud is reading these days. Well, fear not. I am done with Day of the Jackal (hardly academic, I know) and almost finished with Andrew Walls' The Missionary Movement in Christian History which has been very influential for me.

So what am I reading now? This little gem found in a nearby library: Ten Muslims Meet Christ by William McElwee Miller. It is a very good read, and is all about the history of missions in Persia/Iran. It really is like reading a history of the Presbyterian and Anglican missions in Iran. I also like that it is written by a Presbyterian who seems to have a genuine appreciation for the historical churches in the region (Catholic, Armenian). He does not mind talking about sacraments like baptism and Communion. He tells of one Muslim believer who was in the opium den and as he was preparing to smoke his opium he realizes, "I have eaten the holy bread of my Lord with this mouth and now will I smoke opium?" and he leaves opium behind.

I say this book is like a history because it is set in the late 19th C. and early 20th C. So you get to read about Russians invading Iran and traveling by caravan to and fro, and the birth of the Baha'i religion, and so on. One is also struck by the motly assortment of Christians in the early days of the Protestant mission: you will often find descriptions of a baptism done by, say, an Armenian pastor of a Muslim believer, witnessed by an American missionary and a Jewish convert. I highly recommend this book.


Hey brother,

I'm pretty sure I read that booked and thought it was great!

Peace to you,
From the Middle East
Abu Daoud said…
Glad you liked it :-) It really makes me think of how nice things are now, in a way. Though oddly enough it seems like there was more religious freedom then than now, certainly in Iran.

My favorite thing is when the government made every one choose a family name! How interesting is that!? One guys chooses the name Slave of Messiah, another guy chooses the name Stone (in Farsi of course) because Peter's name means 'stone' or rock...cool.

Hope all is well with y'all.

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