Leaving Islam and the internet (irtidad)

This is a testimony from a Pakistani Apostate of Islam. He did not become a Christian as far as I can tell, but he certainly left Islam. The significant element here is how the internet was instrumental in his apostasy (irtidad). His English is not excellent, but it is understandable:

[...] Then I got a lecture of Dr. Zakir Naik. That gave me new life .I was very impressed of his memory. I thought that he is "mujadid" [Arabic for 'reformer' or 'renewer']. I got many CDs, of him listened to him and admired him. I was his fan at that time.

I got bearded, started practicing Islam with a new zeal. I was satisfying my mind by learning the miracles of Quran. My favorite topic was "Quran and science." At that time I started reading the Quran with Urdu translation. While reading, I was finding the miracles in the Quran. I found many miracles (actually I assumed them as miracles).

In the mean time, I got admission in a reputed university of Pakistan . At that time my faith in Islam was dependent of Dr. Zakir Naik.

In this university I got a friend who was also my roommate. He was an atheist and I was a fundamentalist "mullah". Same story repeated again. I started debating with him. But he never showed that he was atheist. He started convincing me. His discussion was effecting me slowly. At the same time I searched the word "Ali Sena" [a famous apostate]. I got information about FFI and wikiislam ... I was shocked. I tried to open it but I was blocked in Pakistan . I used the proxy changing website www.skurfit.com to access the site.

And then my life changed....................
FFI [a website for former Muslims] gave me answers to all the questions. When I told my atheist roommate about this site he opened his heart about the realities of Islam. He told me about his story of guidance, which is about same as mine. I will ask him to join the forum and write his testimony. After that I installed "the Nobel Quran" and "the Hadith" software in my pc. I confirmed many references of Ali Sina. Meanwhile I started writing a book, "Questions Never Answered". I wrote 8 pages, but when I read FFI I felt ashamed of my little knowledge. But though I have little knowledge I know that I have reached that right path of love and peace. [...]

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