The "untouchables" in India

Wonderful post at Maior autem his est caritas, about the dalits in India converting to Christianity, and the persecution they face.

Let me add that India is dear to my hear, and in many ways I think the future of the Faith depends on India along with China and Korea (May God open up North Korea in his great mercy!)

Two of my dearest friends are Indians, and I remember well discipling them on the basics of the Christian faith, and their subsequent baptism (by immersion) with their two children in our church. (He was Sikh, she was Hindu.)

Saint Thomas the Apostle evangelized in India. He had his doubts, but he met Christ and was honored with martyrdom for his faith and preaching. May God help us to follow his example.


Gashwin said…
Dear brother in Christ,

Thanks for the link. The story was an eye-opener for me, since until recently I had no idea about the phenomenal growth of Christianity in the land of my birth (I've lived in the US for more than half my life).

I've enjoyed discovering your blog, and will be coming back often.


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