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In the spirit of quoting Anglicans who became Catholic (like Chesterton), this is from Of Priests and Paramedics, a quote too controversial to pass up...

"To be steeped in history is to cease to be Protestant."
John Henry Cardinal Newman

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Rob said…
Abu Daoud,

I left a comment over there, but I have an additional question. As a Catholic, I am proud of our APostolic Succession. I know that Leo XIII (or one of those 19th c. popes) declared the Anglican orders to be invalid. BUt I have heard that this is complicated by a number of factors, one being that some Anglican priests and bishops have gone and gotten ordained by bishops in the succession (Old Catholics, Orthodox, etc.).

Do you know anything about this?
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Rob,

These are some really good questions. Here is a link that may provide a good beginning in terms of understanding the debate.

Let me know what you think. I understand the bull from the Pope to mean that Anglican orders are not absolutely certain, but that is a long way from saying that they are in all places and at all times permanently and irrevocably and completely void.

In the end though such things like the Eucharist represent a prayer, a petition. So the Catholic has assurance that his Eucharist is valid because of the Succession, but the Anglican presents the supplication as just that, and like any prayer God may or may not grant it as he sees fit. More later...
Rob said…
Thanks, I love Anglican Continuum! They make a lot of "Catholics" look, well....

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