Abd al Haq: Prepared by the Spirit

More wisdom from Abd al Haq:

Now, I’m always in search of someone that the Spirit has been preparing. And that is who I really want to spend my time with, but I have to find him first and I know that this person could have been quietly sitting in that room taking it all in. As a matter of fact, in this particular situation, the next day we had another really good conversation and someone asked me for a Bible. After suggesting that they start with the book of Matthew, they came back to me the next day with large portions of the Sermon on the Mount memorized wanting me to explain what some of it means!

Maybe all the hard work in the field paid off after all. Of course I can give you tons of stories of times that I misspoke, made an idiot out of myself, didn’t have enough vocabulary to answer questions, etc, etc for every time that something exciting happened … but that’s how it goes! The important thing is that we are out there listening to peoples’ hearts and speaking (or learning how to speak) Truth to them. So, how do I define effective evangelism? Not by whether or not he hearer accepts The Story, but by whether or not he understands it. Once this is achieved, my job becomes prayer and availability and the rest in on the hearer and the Spirit.


SocietyVs said…
I am still in love with Jesus' teachings from Matthew - great story!

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