Inspired by the Nazis

[People in the West are usually not aware that many Muslims respect and love Adolf Hitler. Here is a little info on the historical ties between the National Socialists and Muslims of Jerusalem.--Abu Daoud]

Inspired by the Nazis
by Suzanne Fields for The Washington Times

A major figure connecting Nazi and Islamist ideologies was Amin al-Husseini, a self-styled "grand mufti" of Jerusalem who fomented riots against the Jews in the 1920s and ordered the murder of any Muslim who traded with Jewish settlers. Adolf Eichmann visited him in Palestine in the 1930s; he was a friend of Heinrich Himmler. He was a guest of Hitler in Berlin from 1941 until the end of the war in 1945 and directed the Muslim SS in the Balkans. He was responsible for stopping the Bulgarian government from releasing thousands of Bulgarian Jewish children to travel to Palestine. "It was he," says historian Paul Johnson, "who first recruited Wahabi fanatics from Saudi Arabia, transforming them into killers of Jews — another tradition that continues to this day." What's important about the Nazi-Islamist connection is the way it inspires terrorists today. It's fashionable to say that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, but that's misleading. In its charter, the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine, which has morphed into the terrorist organization Hamas, enshrines conspiracy theories which blame the Jews for everything from the French Revolution to the Communist revolution.


Azooz said…
I do not like Zionism for the exact same reasons Jews do not like Nazism. That article tries to paint me as an anti-Semite for this but I pity those that believe that. You will see many such articles whenever Zionists (or neo-cons) hope to steal more Arab or Muslim land and wealth. I consider Zionism to be a new Golden Calf that idiots worship by losing all sense of Justice, I got that idea from many none Zionist Jews.

On the plus side however, the Zionist propaganda machine is the driving force behind the rapid spread of Islam around the world. Nothing in over 1,000 years has spread Islam so fast and so far as Zionist have. I noticed it first in the 70s, the more propaganda the more new Muslims from around the World - many had never even heard of Islam before Zionists told them how "bad" Islam was.

Many new Muslims were Zionist Christians and Jews to, those Zionists that do not convert to Islam just continue to spread Islam by writing Zionist propaganda articles like the above, or tens of thousands of such propaganda books and movies. Zionists believe that Islam was spread by the sword, but people can ask and get the truth easily enough if they ask and look for it. What the Zionist propaganda machine does in short is to repeat the word "Islam" to Billions of people many times each and every day - free publicity.

Palestinians are a very nice people, very good poets and artists to, and they are only dehumanized in some languages like English. The people that speak other languages can see the truth behind the Zionist lies plainly. I see Palestinians talk in English, useless against all the propaganda they received for most English speaking people cannot accept them as true humans, but in Arabic they speak loud and clear.

These pro-Zionist articles spread Islam like nothing any Muslim can do or say - there is Justice in that :)

Paul said…
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Paul said…
Interesting article and people can look at al-Husseini's article on Wikipedia for more info and resources.

In your comment, azooz, you did not once counter any of the article's claims. You just called it "propaganda".

Also, I doubt your claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. If Islamic governments and Islamic fundamentalists did not persecute Islamic "apostates" aka Christian converts from Islam, what religion would have the fastest growth?
Azooz said…
Hello Paul,

I would not counter the article's claims - not my department. It spreads Islam fine just the way it is. Whatever I say about it here will be meaningless because it is old and posted in hundreds of places already.

The Nazi propaganda machine used truth sometimes, just to make their propaganda more belivable. It is imposible for any Palestinain figure to be considered human these days in the English media because of thousands of such English articles and books and movies - I doubt any race has been so dehumanized in history of the English language.

Many can not see the injustice in that article towards the whole of the Palestinain people but there are many people who can see it and see the reasons behind that injustice. The voices that speek of one side have full access to the MSM, the Palestinains have no one who is considered human enough to apear on the media. Just being a Palestianian reporter is enough to make any media outlet hesitate to permite them to speak, and few take them seriously when they do appear in the English media - been that way for decades. I call it propaganda for that is what it is, the dehumanization of Palestinains proves it.

The number of "apostates" is small, and I wish them well, and you can add to that number the millions of Muslims murdered by Zionists worldwide. Despite that I still hear the "claim" that Islam is the fastest growing in the world in the American media. The current huge increase of the anti-Islamic propaganda (hate mongers) is fueling it. The justification of murdering even more Iraqis these days needs lots of propaganda as does belittleing it and covering it up - all the while spreading Islam to people with even a sence of justice.

I really would not mind if the spread of Islam stoped altogether, I just want the Zionist's and neo-cons unjust and murderous wars to stop - but while their propaganda machine is going strong promoting and justifying their murders, it will also spread Islam around the world - Justice as I said.


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