How Islamophobia Promotes Islam

From the blog (Not Much) of one of our readers:


In the very early days of Islam, when there were less than 20 Muslims in the world a very smart man who hated Islam called "abu-Jahil" in Mecca warned people not to listen to Muslims nor to ask them about Islam, his actions guided many people to Islam and despite him knowing this he could not stop himself thus promoting Islam. This is not a secret it is part of the history of Islam, it is how Islamophobes have been spreading Islam since it started.

Up until the 50s an anti-Islamic book would receive as little attention as a pro-Islamic book for only a few religious scholars cared to read them. The media changed all that and have made Islam a topic of conversation around the world for decades. You can hear the word Islam in hundreds of ways each day, Fox News, for one, has millions of readers listeners and viewers - each one hears the words Islam 100s or even 100s of times a day. I do not like what Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Rilly say about Islam, but love seeing the positive effects their words have in guiding some of their listeners towards Islam or at least a better understanding of Islam, the rest of their listeners learn to hate Islam and Muslims but that is not news to anyone.

Robert Spencer wrote an anti-Islamic books that I now see being heavily promoted, from the title I gather that he thinks that Islam is not a religion of peace. It came out soon after the number Innocent Iraqis slaughtered passed the one million mark and is going higher fast - he might not care what is happening to the people of Iraq but many who read his books do and they ask questions that his books do not answer for them. Soon another writer will write another Islamophobic book, and another anti-Islamic movie will come out - they all spread Islam in the long run. I think it is because people are getting tired of all the lies. I really hope to see Mr. Spencer write dozens of best sellers about Islam - they do spread Islam much faster than any Muslim I know can....

Abu Daoud says: There is more, but that is about 1/2 of the entire post. Let me sum up what I think the main point of the post is though, and feel free to correct me if you think I'm wrong: that in Allah's providence even when people hear negative things about Islam, this makes them want to learn more about it, and as they learn more about it, they become convinced of its truth. Thus "islamophobia" (an absurd word, IMHO) spreads Islam in the end.

But I could answer that in a fair fight, if Islamic governments would not persecute converts to Christianity, and if the Bible was made available freely in Dar al Islam, and if the church could welcome in new converts in those countries, that Christianity would win, hands down.

But the fight is not fair. Christians, because of the teachings of our Lord Jesus, resist coercion in the name of religion. Islam, because it was the example of al insaan al kaamil (Muhammad, the perfect man), use coercion all the time. Why else do you think that NO country in the Muslim Middle East actually has genuine freedom of religion, the press, assembly, speech, or anything else?

I agree that there are people who hear about Islam, find something attractive in it, an then become Muslim--I just met one yesterday actually, though he later left Islam. But if the rules were fair then the Gospel would attract thousands more than the message of Muhammad every could. Do you doubt me? Let's try it: allow Muslims to leave Islam. Make irtidaad (apostasy) legal.


Azooz said…
Hi Abu Daoud,

The original title of the article was how "Robert Spencer" spreads Islam - and I removed a paragraph about FrontPage magazine, HotAir and other sites - I certainly did not mean you or your blog and sorry it came out that way.

The concept of "Islamophobia" is my main interest on the internet. You will see a reply from "Sindbad" his blog is Islamophobia-watch and I have bounced the idea around with people from the early 80s - but it seems more important these days.

I am trying to stop the blood baths, not the convertions of one religion to another. You are interested in the religious aspect of that, and I am concerned by the millions that have been murdered in Afghanistan, Iraq - and the millions more Zionists plan to slaughter in Syria and Iran.

The injustice is in that religion is being used for genocide and few seem to care becuase this time the are brainwashed again not to care about a certain religion or race. The more this injustice continues, the more new Muslims.

I do not preach Islam, Robert Spencer and Daneil Pipes and other hate mongers preach Islam much better than me. Their true aim is to justify the slaughter of another six or sixty million human beings - who cares what relgion has more numbers.

I'll contine this reply on my blog this evening, but please do not think it is about religion, I just want the murders to stop.

Midhat said…
I agree with you, some Moslem states in the Middle East do not allow for freedom of religion. They suppress the teachings and practises of other religions, and as you argue, the practise of converting to other religions is not reciprocal as it is in the West.

Although the spread of Islam to North Africa and Eastern Mediteranian was by the 'sword', never have Moslems annihilated the peoples or religious temples of other faiths. The existence of Non-Moslem populations and their places of worship stand testament to the fact.

Christians and Jews are allowed to practise their religions freely in what are today Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and even as far south of the Arab peninsula, as Yemen.

In the spirit of being honest, we should first point to the fact that there are multi-faith societies in the Middle East such as those in Egypt and Lebanon. Although both have Christians and Moslems, and both have churches and mosques, you don't see Moslems converting.

Furthermore, Moslems have migrated to the West in a diaspora which numbers in the millions. Although they were exposed to other religions and their teachings, the number of converts is almost inexistant.

Finally, according to statistics in Europe and the US, the fastest growing religion is Islam. People, as you argue, have the freedom of religion, yet they choose to convert to Islam.
sherif-monem said…
Islam haters you write books that is full of hatred to Islam and then condemn it as helping Islam. What is the matter with you? Moslems should realize that Christian minorities living among them are potential source of danger.

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