Missionaries to an unreached tribe?

Ever wonder what it is like to be a missionary to tribe that is unevangelized? That has little or no access to the Gospel, Christian formation, pastoral care, or discipleship? This is a great blog of an evangelical family who is carrying out that work today. There are many such tribes and groups around the world.

Here is the beginning of their most recent post:


Dear Friends and Family,

The last time we communicated, before our recent update, Ginny was just recovering from a serious and sudden illness. She is back up to full strength now, as if the incident never even happened. We have an amazing God!

It has been almost a whole year since we came here. Wow, that is hard to believe! We are deep into language study now. We have our good days and bad days, as one might expect. Yet we have every confidence that God is guiding us and watching us through every step. I have summarized the things that have happened with us below.

As we move along, we must keep in mind the reason we are here – God sent us here to take His Gospel to an unreached tribal people group. The things we are struggling with now – language studies, equipment breakage, sickness, etc. – these are all part of the Lord’s continued preparations for us so that we can represent Christ to the people He is sending us to.


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