Sex in Arab Society Today

From Arab Observer. This is a great example of the tension that Arab societies are facing today (this one in Jordan). Also note the explicit indication that there are rumors that the girl is Christian. The man is not guilty of anything because, well, he is a man. The girl is the guilty one and as one astute commenter notes, an honor crime execution is one the way (yes they still happen, all the time). Please note, also, in the comments the laudable reaction of several of the Muslim men who indicate that the video file should not be spread:

Jordanian young couple sex movie spread!

There is a short movie spreading among Jordanians of a young couple having sex in their private room.

The spread story is that the couple isn't married. It is the guy's room. He shot the movie with his phone camera. It isn't clear whether she new about it or not. It is either him or his friend who spread the movie. The girl is identified by her NAME! No body knows the guy's name neither they care! A stupid rumor accompanied the story is that the guy is Muslim while the girl is Christian and that the guy spread it as an attack on Jordanian Christians and their reputations!

The whole issue shows the amount of bigotry, sexism and sexual disfunctioning the Jordanian society is diseased with.

People are cursing the young girl for having sex with her boyfriend and disgracing her family in a society where women sexuality hasn't yet been acknowledged and is only permitted to be addressed after the woman get married. The honor of an entire family is connected closely with the family women sexual activities. A woman losing her virginity outside a marriage boundary means that her family members lose their honor unless they kill her.

The young man in the movie isn't tarnished a bit! It is like the young woman is having sex with a ghost! His name isn't spreading with the movie as of her name. People are not cursing him for either having sex outside marriage boundaries or for even shooting the movie with a possibility to be the one responsible of spreading it. His family isn't disgraced like of hers!

With nearly everyone having phone cameras in Amman. Such incidents are bound to happen more frequently. Young men and women are more open to sex. A lot of young couples practice sex in secrecy and behind close doors. People should become more tolerance to such behaviour. The answer is not cursing our youngster for expressing their needs and crucify them, the only one to blame here is the one who spread the movie, and us for helping spreading it even more.


This movie is a shame on us as Arabs and Muslims.
The Observer said…
It is sad how society punish women who have sex out side marriage boundaries while applause men who do it!
W&J said…
So basically.. the young man is gleeful in having deflowered the poor little girl.. ( he being the stronger should have protected her from his own evil ways according to Islam, Surah 4) just so he could discredit an entire nations reputation? Amazing. I wonder how he will face God with this? The poor girl. Surely this supreme betrayal of her very life is now just fodder for laughter in Islam. The young man..disobeys God and lusts after a woman who is not his wife..commits fornication with her.. a crime God forbids.. and she will be murdered to uphold the "honor" of her family? This is not justice. But God shall judge. May God be more merciful than this young man and his "friends".

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