Black Iris on Ramadan in Jordan

The Sanctity of Ramadan By Black Iris

AMMAN (Petra) - Minister of Interior Eid Fayez on Saturday issued a circular banning the sale of liquor in bars, liquor stores, nightclubs and restaurants during the Holy Month of Ramadan. In addition, restaurants and coffee shops will be closed during the day. The minister stressed the need to preserve the sanctity of the holy month in public and private institutions, roads and public places. In the circular, sent to all governors across the country, Fayez underlined the importance of compliance with the new regulations, saying legal measures will be taken against violators.

By the way, I don’t have a particular stance on the issue. Obviously I’d prefer to see this kind of stuff restricted to some extent but I’m a realistic person and I know that will never happen. Which is why I could care less if they close them or open them. Because I also know that Ramadan will be full of alcohol consumption, as Arabs (not tourists) scour the city in search of a drop to drink. The reality is that most people who drink in Jordan are in fact Jordanians and would by any other definition be considered drunks if not borderline-alcoholics. The ‘casual drink’ is non-existent. Liquor cabinets are probably being filled.

As for Ramadan, well what can I say…

Nothing is sacred anymore.

That doesn’t surprise me.


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