Shari'a and martinis

This quote is just too good to pass up, also from

Archbishop R. Williams‘ position raises issues.

(1) Why should the process that facilitated Europe‘s rise by privatizing religion, be reversed?

(2) One might argue that integration presupposes acceptance by the majority. Should this be extended to include accepting a now alien and previously consciously rejected system?

If so, why should this be required, since not the English have recruited their immigrants but that it was these Moslems who asked to come. Why? Because the system whose protection they requested has worked so well. Analogously, is it my right to attend a AA meeting and demand a double martini?


Steve Scott said…
Abu, mostly off topic here, but I live in Martinez, California, the birth place of the Martini. For what it's worth.
Abu Daoud said…
Wow, that's really cool! Is the bar or restaurant where it was invented still running?
Steve Scott said…
It was a bar in the 1870's I believe, and there is a plaque on the sidewalk corner where the bar once stood. It's not something the politically correct city leaders are proud about. I think it's cool, but then what do I know. Also, for what it's worth, Martinez is also the birthplace of American baseball legend and husband of movie star Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio.

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