Obsession, anyone seen this movie?

Trailer looks interesting. Has anyone seen this? I'd be interested in knowing what you thought.

Obsession: Radical Islam's War against the West


shaw said…
i've got it in my bookshelf ready to watch (thanks to interlibrary loan).. I'll try to write on it when I finally watch it.

honestly, it looks absurd to me. :)
Abu Daoud said…
I heard it's quite popular over there in the US. Is that right? I think one can see from the title alone that this is a polemic. But hey, the Reformation was built on polemics, more than theology...
I have lived in Saudi Arabia. I traveled around the country for 8 years, listened to sermons from Makkah & Madinah. I’ve also traveled around Pakistan and I can tell you the film is absolutely false

I am not the only one who thinks so.

The scholar Eric Hamako described it as a

----“conservative propaganda film.”-----

Race, Oppression and the Zombie:
Essays on Cross-Cultural
Appropriations of the
Caribbean Tradition
page 110

Edited By Christopher M.
Moreman & Cory James Rushton

The book

Islamophobia : The Challenge of Pluralism in the 21st Century

was co-edited by Professor John Esposito who has written on the Gallup Poll covering 90% of the world’s Muslim population,

It mentions the following about “Obsession” on page 83

-----“a stereotype-filled propaganda film”-----

Robin Saul, president and
publisher of North Carolina
News and Record refused to
sell the film because

-----“We didn’t see it as educational a all. It was fear-mongering and divisive.----

With regards to Islamic law, you might find this quote interesting (the book was co-edited by a non-muslim professor of Criminology)

------“Most Scholars attribute the low Saudi Arabian crime rate mainly to the strong influence of Islam in various spheres of life in Saudi society, particularly to the implementation of Shariah. “----

Transnational and comparative

Edited by Professor
Sheptycki and Professor
Pages 94-95

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