Erik Twist: Why Catholic? part I

My good friend Erik over at Of Priests and Paramedics has (finally) posted the first part on his series explaining why he (and his family) decided to enter into full communion with Rome. (You all might know that I don't like calling this 'conversion' because that term should be reserved for changing religions entirely.)

Here is the link, please give it a good read.

Why Catholic?


FrGregACCA said…
Sounds very much like my own journey (although for me it obviously didn't with my Romn sojourn). However, let me try to address your question concerning authority. My conclusion is, at this point, is that while the East needs more of a magisterium, the West needs to re-embrace the Tradition (and yes, even the tradition which embody it) as the point of departure from which those who incarnate said magisterium act. Perhaps this is a lesson which will be taken from the overreaches of the hierarchy of the Roman Church over the past 45 years in reinterpreting (reinventing?) the Tradition, a process which, I think, was driven to a large extent by a magisterial positivism which overesetimated the extent to which the magisterium could legitimately act in isolation from what had come before. In other words, one can draw a direct line from Vatican I to Vatican II.

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