Clerics concerned over attempts to associate Islam with terror

Clerics concerned over attempts to associate Islam with terror

Lucknow (PTI): Ulemas and Muslim scholars on Saturday expressed serious concern over attempts to associate "Islam with terrorism" and said that the arrests in cases pertaining to terrorism should be made only on the basis of "hard evidence".

"Islam disapproves killing of innocent people... According to the Holy Quran, killing of an innocent man amounts to killing of the humanity," senior All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) member and Imam of Idgah Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangimahali said at a convention on 'Allegations of terrorism and Islam' organised by All India Milli Council here.

"It is absolutely wrong to associate Islam with terrorism which should be dealt with like any other crime," Firangimahali said.

Another board member Zafaryab Jilani said that the police should arrest people in cases of terrorism only after they have "hard evidence".

A resolution denouncing attempt to club "Islam with terrorism" was also adopted at the convention. [...]


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