A New Beginning for Arab Christian Theology

This looks like a positive development. I would like to see more indigenous theology arising from the Arab Christian community. I did think that it was odd that it is being called Arab Christian when the publisher is a Coptic publisher, and Copts and Arabs are two different ethnic and linguistic groups, but oh well.

[...] “We wanted to face a whole range of challenges that come from things like: our own Arab Christian identity; the existence of the state of Israel; political Islam, which wants to marginalize Christians; ecumenism and church divisions – Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant; the identity and role of women; salvation; inspiration of the Bible – Islamic or our own? So there are many challenges facing us, and there are lots of smaller articles and leaflets on these things, but no systematic treatment.

“It was a real challenge – even just to get us Arabs to work together! Part of our culture is that we easily disagree! We had tough deadlines, and of course some theological differences. But we agreed a clear theological framework and worked hard." [...]

From HERE.


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