Archbishop says that shari'a in UK is inevitable

Wow, I am just perpetually disappointed by the good archbishop. I mean, yes I'm Anglican and all, and I do love my church though it is quite dysfunctional. (Any family with 70 million+ members will be dysfunctional, so cut us some slack.) But Williams keeps coming out with absurd statements about things like war in Iraq, and now about shari'a in the UK.

I'm planning on writing a whole article about shari'a: where does it come from, what are its sources, what does it regulate, and so on. But for now here are some of the better links:

Uproar as archbishop says sharia law inevitable in UK

And this from Al Jazeera English:

UK rejects call for partial Sharia

May I briefly note right now that the shari'a always favors men above women? And that even a "limited" shari'a would involve giving superior parental rights to fathers, favoring men over women in questions of inheritance, making the witness of a women or male unbeliever worth 1/2 that of a Muslim man, and I could go on and on. Oh and have I mentioned that every school of shari'a agrees that shari'a dictates capital punishment for leaving Islam?

But having expressed my dissatisfaction with Abp. Williams, I will say he has written an excellent book on Arianism. I bet he would make a fine professor at a university or seminary...



Sarah Scott said…
Oh that's encouraging...

Thanks for being educated on this and for helping to educate others.

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