Raymund Lull (Ramon Lully): Tears and Blood

I see many knights going to the Holy Land beyond the seas and thinking that they can acquire it by force of arms; but in the end all are destroyed before they attain that which they think to have. Whence it seems to me that the conquest of the Holy Land ought not to be attempted except in the way in which Thou and Thine apostles acquired it, namely, by love and prayers, and the pouring out of tears and blood.

Blessed Raymund Lull (Ramon Lully)

Qtd. in Zwemer, Samuel M. 1902. Raymund Lull: The First Missionary to the Moslems. London: Funk & Wagnalls Company.

P. 52-53


Rob said…
I'm not convinced. I still think the crusades were a good idea.

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