The Anglo-Islamic Church

The Anglo-Islamic Church
by Gary Fletcher

This unbelievable headline caught my eye immediately. Archbishop: Adoption of Sharia Law in U.K. is 'Unavoidable'

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has suggested that it "seems unavoidable" that elements of Islamic law be accepted into the British legal system.

I suggest a better headline would have been: "Archbishop of Canterbury Loses His Mind." Why in the world would the leader of the Church of England advocate for the imposition of Islamic law in Britain?

So profound a misunderstanding of the proud English and British heritage from the leader of the Church of England it is incomprehensible. Ironically, his comments demonstrate either ignorance of or hostility toward the historic commitment of the British people to freedom and self-determination. The first nation to emerge from the political chaos of the Middle Ages, the defiant victor over the militarily superior Spanish Armada in the 16th century, the last bastion in Europe against the forces of fascism in the century past, the people of the United Kingdom surrender their autonomy to no foreign power, secular or religious. Surrender is precisely what the Archbishop now says is "unavoidable."

Most astonishing, these comments by the Archbishop disavow the most significant underlying values which have defined British history. For at least eight centuries, Britons have been motivated by the struggle to extend human rights further and yet further. With Magna Carta in the 13th century, the power of the King was extended to the nobility. In the 17th century the historic "Rights of Englishmen" were set forth. Freedom has been extended to the former serf, to all the citizens, to former slaves, to the people of the former colonies. Britain is the mother country of many of the most dedicated and influential democracies in the world today, including Canada, Australia, and the United States of America, and provided the political model for democracy to take hold in the world's second most populous nation, India. The people of Britain have exhibited for centuries a love of freedom and the desire to spread freedom to oppressed people everywhere. It might not be too much to say that this is the defining self-concept of the modern United Kingdom. Islamic Sharia is an oppressive system, offensive to freedom-loving peoples everywhere. This is particularly so in Britain.

Judging by his comments, the Primate of All England would have the people of Britain accept imposition of a religious intolerance not seen in Britain since the time of Queen Mary I ("Bloody Mary") in the 16th century. The Archbishop stated that sanctioning Sharia will improve community relations and aid integration. I'm sure he is correct, in a sense. The burglar who is handed the keys to the store by the shopkeeper is very happy with his lot, very approving of the shopkeeper. Proponents of Sharia undoubtedly will be very happy with the remarks of the Archbishop, particularly if such comments are acted upon by either Church or government. [...]


Abbas Hawazin said…
Dear Abu Dawood,

You are an evangelical Christian who is furious at the disruption of Britian's freedom-loving by the imposition of Sharia.


That really made my day! As if your evanglicism is anything different! Britian has like, what, 10% church attendance? You're right, the UK was the first nation to come out of the Middle Ages chaos, but only because it kicked ugly Christian rule back to the church.

Maybe your Archbishop is a sneaky bastard in himself who wants to rally some sentiments so that they rush back to Christiniaty to defend their roots from this horrible invention.

oh and Evangelism is perhaps one of the sorriest brain-washing cults I've ever seen, I watched Jesus Camp the other day and let me tell you, it's not really ANYTHING different from what children learn at a mosque. The only difference is that the West is in domination, so it doesn't need to blow up stuff.

in a previous post about recognition of Reversion law, you wrote "That will open the floodgates."

That's like the funniest shit I've ever heard ; if anyone would be so logically and rationally inclined to recognize Islam is false, what makes you think Christianity, not Atheism, has a better lure, it's an even more inane explanation for the universe, and it has its share of bloodshed,
The only way they'd do it is for money, like your preachers are doing in Morocco.

Abu Daoud said…
Hello Abbas Hawazin,

A couple of comments. I am glad to defend the right of anyone to become atheist. Generally ex-Muslims either become atheists or Christians, and I will defend either such decision.

Why do I think Christianity is a more rational option than atheism? I am glad to discuss that with you, e-mail me at winterlightning [at[ safe-mail [dot] net.

Finally, Christianity like Islam contains many different traditions. I have seen Jesus Camp as well and found it quite interesting, but that is not the form of Christianity that I practice.

That having been said I like those Christian 'fanatics' more than, say, the 9/11 guys.


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