Muslim Accommodations Task Force, coming to you soon!

Muslim students at Australian universities have demanded that class schedules be changed to work around their prayer times, and that male and female students be provided with separate cafeterias and recreational areas.
This is in line with similar initiatives in the United States, where the Muslim Students Association carries, on the “Muslim Accommodations Task Force” page of its website, pdfs of pamphlets entitled “How to Achieve Islamic Holidays on Campus,” “How to Establish a Prayer Room on Campus,” and “How to Achieve Halal Food on Campus.”

The MSA directs Muslim students to present these demands in the context of multiculturalism and civil rights. “Most campuses,” explains the publication on getting recognition of Islamic holy “include respecting diversity as a part of their mission statement. They consider enrollment of diverse students an asset to the community, as they enhance the classroom learning experience and enrich student life. Try to find these statements specific to your campus, and explain that recognition of Islamic holidays would serve as a practical example of upholding these ideals.”

Such recognition would also serve to right wrongs done to Muslims on campus: “If any cases of bias against Muslims took place on campus in the recent past, present the proposal as an opportunity to foster cooperation and increase understanding.” It would be a simple matter of civil rights: “Additionally, if special holiday recognition is being offered to other faith communities (Jewish, Catholic, Protestant), Muslims have strong grounds to make a petition for equal consideration of their holiday requirements.”



S Rose said…
Last time I checked, we don't officially celebrate ANY religious holidays, esp. in universities. "Christmas Holiday" has become "Winter Break" and "Easter Break" doesn't exist anymore -- only "Spring Break" (talk about pagan!). And any holiday with remotely Christian or Jewish roots has become so paganized and commercialized that it's hardly recognizable. So why do Muslims think they deserve special treatment? If they want to take a personal holiday for religious reasons (like the Jews take Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashanah), most people (liberal college profs included) are accommodating.

If some Muslims are worried about bringing their archaic traditions to the US to keep men and women separate, there are plenty of universities that teach only men or women -- not a lot in the States, but some. Be creative. But don't make all of us accommodate you in every aspect of your cultural and religious life.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi S Rose,

I'm afraid you are looking at things from a Western point of view. The Qur'an teaches that Muslims are "best of all peoples" and that unbelievers are "the worse of created things". Both of those quotes are from the Qur'an. Since Muslims are better, by far, than unbelievers, it is the obligation of non-Muslims to serve and obey Muslims. That is what you have here.

Muslims are not under any sort of obligation to the unbelievers at the present time.
Teresa said…
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Teresa said…
Muslims live in this fantasy world that they are better than us non muslims. Well I hate to burst your little bubble but you're not beter than we are. And as to the obeying muslims all I can say is Dare To Dream...because that'll never happen. I don't care what your Un Holy quran says, just because its in your book don't make it keep dreaming

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