Population explosion continues in Yemen

One of the poorest, least developed, and least educated countries in the world. The Northern Yemenis are also our unreached people of the day:

Yemeni population increases with 1,555,200 babies each year, according to a recently released bulletin by the National Council of Population at the Ministry of Health.

The bulletin also pointed that the country receives 193,600 newborn babies a month, 4,320 a day, 360 an hour and 6 in every minute. Built on these statistics, the council estimated Yemen’s population to reach 37 million souls just ten years as of now.

In return, the council warned against this inordinate increase rate of population, emphasizing it hinders the authorities from meeting their growing demands especially in economic, health, education and infrastructure fields.

A recent study attributed the high fertility rate to the rampage of illiteracy particularly among women in the countryside where the percentage reaches over 77 percent. Further, rural families that depend on agriculture for their living prefer to have more children as agriculture demands more workers than other activities. [...]

From The Yemen Post, HT to Armies of Liberation (in the blog roll).


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