Egypt court recognises reversion to Christianity

This is a big deal, I think this is already part of the law in Jordan. In Lebanon and Turkey one can actually convert from Islam to Christianity. But in all other Middle Eastern countries (minus Israel) it is illegal. This is a start. I look forward to the day when someone's conversion from Islam to Christianity is lawfully accepted by a government. That will open the flood gates.

Egypt court recognises reversion to Christianity

CAIRO, Feb 9 (Reuters) - In a landmark case, an Egyptian court ruled on Saturday that the state must recognise the right of Christians who convert to Islam to change their minds and revert to Christianity, court sources said.

Until now, Egyptian courts have upheld a traditional reading of Islamic law in such cases, prohibiting the conversion from Islam to any other faith, regardless of the convert's original religion.

While Egyptian law is largely secular and modelled on the French legal system, personal status issues such as conversion, marriage and divorce are governed by the religious laws of the relevant community. Egypt is primarily Muslim, but has a substantial Coptic Christian community as well.

Saturday's ruling by the Supreme Administrative Court said 12 people who had converted to Islam from Christianity and then back again could have their reversion to their original faith stated on their government identity papers.

Authorities had allowed the 12 to change their religious status on their identity documents when they converted to Islam, but had so far refused to allow them to change it back.

"This opens the door of hope to hundreds of Copts who converted ... and were then unable to return," said Mamdouh Nakhla, a human rights lawyer. [...]


Anonymous said…
Well, this is certainly some progress. Let's hope this sets a precedent in Egypt that sticks. Certainly it would have the most impact there, and they could influence smaller countries. It's still not possible to revert in Jrdn. Otherwise, a friend of mine would have done it already.


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