Pediatrician needed in Yemen

This from clinic in Aden, Yemen:

On another occasion we’ll write more fully of the clinics and other aspects of the work in Aden, but briefly: Dr Shada has left the medical clinic to do further studies, which is excellent for her if sad for us. She is bright and has much to give. It leaves us with a space for a good paediatrician. Offers very welcome and a willingness to learn Arabic highly desirable.

If you have questions or are interested e-mail me or pastor Peter ( [dot] ye). The clinic is attached to Christ Church, Aden, which is Anglican. It doesn't matter what denomination or church the doctor belongs to, though.

Here is a link to the complete November News for Christ Church, Aden; it has some great pictures and gives you a picture of what life is like at the only Protestant church in the entire country that actually has a facility:

November News


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