Ambrose on baptism

Marah was a fountain of most bitter water: Moses cast wood into it and it became sweet. For water without the preaching of the Cross of the Lord is of no avail for future salvation, but, after it has been consecrated by the mystery of the saving cross, it is made suitable for the use of the spiritual laver and of the cup of salvation. As, then, Moses, that is, the prophet, cast wood into that fountain, so, too, the priest utters over this font the proclamation of the Lord's cross, and the water is made sweet for the purpose of grace.

--Saint Ambrose, on the mysteries, c. 387


Recovering Wino said…
I just wanted to tell you that I really like your husband and I are feeling called to ministry/mission work in a Muslim country, and this will be a process of knowledge acquisition for me. Thanks for blogs like yours that teach about the culture.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Recovering Wino,

If you would like to chat some time and hear about how I got to the Middle East and what that process is like please send me and e-mail and we'll chat that way:


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