How low will they go?

Well, I sometimes wonder how low the good old mujaahidiin (wagers of jihad) will go in their perpetual jihad against the kuffaar (unbelievers). Here is a good example which seems fairly low. I mean they don't have hardly anything in Gaza and this sort of action is just like saying, OK Israel, blow up this school which is serving our community.

Mortars fired from UN Gaza school

The UN secretary general has ordered an investigation into an incident in which Palestinian militants fired mortars at Israel from a UN-run school in Gaza.

Ban Ki-moon condemned the abuse of UN facilities and described it a "serious violation of the UN's privileges and immunities", a spokeswoman said.

Israeli military aircraft filmed the mortars being fired from the school's playground in Beit Hanoun last week.

The UN has already complained about the incident to the authorities in Gaza.

The coastal territory has been controlled by the Islamist movement, Hamas, since it seized control from the rival Fatah group of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in June.


Sharon M said…
This act is not one of bravery, but of cowardice. Those who hide behind their families and children in the name of jihaad are cowards and frankly, an insult to humanity.

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