Not in Islam's Name?

Good letter from a reader to the Wall Street Journal:

Not in Islam's Name?
November 9, 2007; Page A17

Your article "Linking Terror on the Trail" (Politics & Economics, Oct. 29) sadly illustrates how political correctness has run totally amok. It's apparently irrelevant to the PC crowd that Islamic terrorists proudly commit their violent acts in the name of Islam.

You note that many on the left complain that the repeated references to "Islamic terrorism" have the effect of tarnishing the entire religion. I submit that it is the Islamic terrorists themselves who are tarnishing the religion. If mainstream American Muslims are unhappy at how their religion is being portrayed, they should direct their attention to the radicals who perpetrate violence in their name, rather than to the presidential candidates. Arguing over semantics will do nothing to stem the tide of Islamic terrorism.

John S. Villanova
Stamford, Conn.


SocietyVs said…
good point in this post!
Abu Daoud said…
In Arabic culture--which is and must always be the Islamic culture--it is shameful to criticize a fellow Muslim even if the criticism is valid.

This, coupled with the addiction to victimhood found throughout Muslim societies today, may well be why we see Muslims always complaining about being portrayed negatively while not actually doing anything to put their house in order in terms of the large minority of Muslims who are aggressively militant in their faith and practice.

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