Brit universities are terror hotbeds

From Reuters, hat tip to

British universities are coming under the spotlight in the country's fight against terrorism, with critics calling them a hotbed of extremism while lecturers say any clampdown threatens their freedom of speech. Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently highlighted universities as one of the key areas where authorities needed to act against extremist influences. However, a row is brewing over how officials can clamp down on radical groups recruiting students for militant causes without infringing on genuine academic debate. The issue of campus extremism came to the fore in the aftermath of the London suicide bombings by four young British Islamists which left 52 people dead in 2005. That was followed by a report by Professor Anthony Glees, director of Brunel University's Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies, which suggested campuses were a breeding ground for extremists. Glees caused a stir across the academic community by estimating that dozens of British universities had been infiltrated by fundamentalists, based on historical terrorism cases which had involved students or former students. He now says the situation is even worse. "What we have seen since 2005 has been an increase in the number of students and former students involved in terrorist crimes," he said. [...]

"The problem stems from the fact that extremists and extremist recruiters have seen universities as safe spaces from which to recruit students," Glees said.

"The universities are not properly supervising what goes on at campuses, they weren't and they're still not, and it is clear they don't intend to do so in the future."

Abu Daoud says: if you take this sort of thing into account, the scary glimpse into a possible future for the UK below makes a lot more sense. The fact of the matter is that the British government is doing next to nothing to reign in the recruiting of new terrorists. The reason for this is that to engage in a sincere and realistic discussion regarding the roots of terrorism in orthodox Islam (which are genuine) is not PC.

So political correctness is, one might say, destroying the UK.


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