Internet terror lingo


Schleswig - A terrorism suspect on trial in Germany declared Thursday his devotion to Osama bin Laden and explained the code words used by Islamists during internet chat.
Moroccan-born Redouane al-H said that when a member of an Islamist internet community was arrested, the others told one another he was "sick."

The codeword for explosives was "dough." He added that a "taxi driver" meant a suicide bomber and to "marry" meant dying as a martyr.

H, who is accused of forming a terrorist group to recruit suicide bombers for Iraq, was giving substantive testimony for the first time at his trial in the German city of Schleswig, near the Danish border.

H, aged 37, confirmed he had sworn a vow of loyalty to Osama bin Laden, leader of the al-Qaeda terrorist network which mounted the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.

"Osama bin Laden is my religious authority," he said, adding that he had wanted to move to Iraq in summer 2005 to take part in a jihad or holy war against Americans, whom he described as Crusaders.

He confirmed that later, in an internet chat, he had said he would kill Crusaders, but he denied forming a terrorist group, saying he and his friends had merely planned a relief operation for Darfur, Sudan....

From the AFP, hat tip to Jihad Watch


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