Israel on the coming ME arms race

OK, here's what's going to happen: Iran will get nuclear weapons because the US has neither the money nor the will to take them on militarily. Europe is useless to be honest, and all that "diplomacy" is just a nice way to shuttle diplomats back and forth between expensive countries for useless obfuscation and a good dose of taqiyya (the Islamic doctrine where by Muslims can or must lie to infidels).

Once Iran gets the nuke, all the other countries in the ME which are Arab (Iran is Persian) and Sunni (Iran is Shi'a) will want/need nukes. The West won't be able to complain about it because they'll say, well, you didn't stop Iran, so why can't we have them too?

Here is an Israeli cabinet minister on the repercussions of that scenario:

Egyptian and Saudi Arabian intentions to begin or revive their nuclear programs in the face of Iran's continued race toward nuclear power present an "apocalyptic scenario" for Israel as well as for the rest of the world, Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

Lieberman's remarks came a week after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced a decision to restart his country's nuclear program. On Wednesday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that his country had begun operating 3,000 centrifuges for the enrichment of uranium.

"If Egypt and Saudi Arabia begin nuclear programs, this can bring an apocalyptic scenario upon us," Lieberman told the Post. "Their intentions should be taken seriously and the declarations being made now are to prepare the world for when they decide to actually do it."

Lieberman also said Pakistan was a major threat to Israel due to the political instability there and the fact that the country had "missiles, nuclear weapons and a proven capability."


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