Rick Wood is at it again....

Oh boy, the new issue of Mission Frontiers is out, which is great, and I look forward to reading it. But Rick Wood, the editor of MF and a main booster of Insider Movement methodology, has seriously goofed up right off the bat. Do you see it?

As Dr. Garrison reports on page 7, Sadrach “then gathered
converts into contextualized, indigenous mesjids of Javanese
Christian communities called Kristen Jawa, rather than
extracting them into the local Dutch Christian churches.”
Sadrach allowed these Muslims to have their own contextual
centers of worship and did not force them to join a culturally
foreign body in order to follow Jesus.

Thank you Rick Wood, but that is the whole point--they were no longer Muslims. They had been Muslims. They became Christians. Why do IM people always try to take movements like this one from Indonesia and try to make them back up their IM ideas? Lame.


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