More on Chrislam

Some time I noted the emergence of an interesting movement called 'Chrislam' in Nigeria. Here is that link.

Have turned up some more information on the interesting movement, which is actually two different movements, that appear quite different:

The larger one is Oke Tude (Yoruba for Mountain of Loosing Bondage, you ignorant Westerners). Here are some links:

Official Website
Article in the Christian Science Monitor
Article in Religion & Ethics

The other movement is obscure and I haven't found any articles that are about it alone. Founded by Tela Tella, it is both smaller and older than then Oke Tude group.

The key work, yet unfinished, on both groups is by Dr. Marloes Janson, and it can be read HERE.

(Dr Janson, if you ever do complete that paper please do let me know!)


--Abu Daoud


JackOfClubs said…
I can't escape the impression that "Chrislam" sounds suspiciously like "Tashlan"
WideMouth said…
For a detailed comparison between Islam and Christianity and their incompatibility. Includes opposing scriptures from the Q'uran and the Holy Bible

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