Jesus' method in forming disciples

In this kind of work folks pass around unpublished manuscripts quite often. Some of them won't get published because they are too technical or would not make money, some are just not written very well, and others for security reasons. In any case, this is a section from one of many such manuscripts on principles from Jesus' ministry regarding how to form disciples:

1) He taught them with authority--We have the same Word, the same Spirit and the same authority.
2) He lived with them--he had daily contact. Discipling Muslims demand our daily time and togetherness.
3) He discipled in small groups or 3, 6, or 12. We make a mistake if we look for large numbers. The core men and women of peace need intensive, personal training in order to for them to train others.
4) He knew their capacity to learn. He began simple and only entrusted them with what he could trust them to keep. Security is a major issue for Muslim background believers.
5) He taught them from the beginning how to deal with opposition and persecution. When you call a Muslim to trust Jesus as Savior and Lord, you call him to come and die!
6) He disciplined during teachable moments. Peter was a good example, i.e. The confession at Caesarea Philippi, the Lord’s Supper, before the cock crowed and even after the resurrection beside the Sea of Galilee. We need to know when to be gentle, firm and direct in discipling Muslim background believers.

R. R., Ch. 4
Discipling Middle Eastern Believers
2005, 06, Unpublished Manuscript

Is there anything you would add or subtract?


He taught them using stories and everyday illustrations.
Steve Scott said…
I just read this somewhere else, but He used enemies (i.e. Samaritans, Gentiles) as the good guys in His stories.
Unknown said…
I agree with all, and wonderfully summarized, except that in place of

When you call a Muslim to trust Jesus as Savior and Lord, you call him to come and die!

I would have rather emphasized "I come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly" (Jn 10.10)

Security is a major issue for Muslim background believers.

That's putting it mildly. Islamic law says that a Muslim male apostate must be executed. (Sahih Bukhari, Vol 9, Book 83, Num. 17.) That's one of the things that makes evangelizing in Muslim countries a very difficult task. Even a mere suspicion can create huge problems.
Brother Samuel,

You make a good point that the life Jesus gives is true life and absolutely amazing. That being said, if the call to die is not explained even prior to conversion, they often "fall away" never having counted the true cost of following Jesus (Luke 14). I would say we could use a good dose of counting the cost in the American Church as well...
John Edwards said…
Very good. I believe church should be like this, very small. Good stuff. John Edwards

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