To Criticize Muhammad or Not?

I notice in some of my Christian brothers and sisters almost a sense of betrayal if anyone says something positive about Muhammad. Many insider proponents have a high view of Muhammad. This is not to say that they speak of him as a prophet, but from an historical point of view they often can comfortably cite the positive aspects of his life and consider him a reformer. This tends to make many Christians very uncomfortable, if not highly alarmed. They usually argue something like, “We also have to be honest about the negative aspects of Muhammad’s life.” Why is this so important? I am allowed to say good things about Oliver Cromwell without being reminded that he chopped off the king’s head. I am allowed to speak positively about Thomas Jefferson without incessant interruptions that he impregnated his slave.

--[name withtheld for security reasons]

[FYI: the word 'insider' refers to people who believe that a Muslims may remain a Muslim in some conrete manner, including calling himself a Muslim, while also being a follower of Jesus Christ.]


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