Jordanian Blogger on Ramadan

[Per the request of the blogger at Black Iris of Jordan, this entire post has been removed. Sincerely, Abu Daoud.]


Nas said…
Dear Sir, as the writer of the above post I ask that you please delete it from your blog. I do not wish for any of my writings to be associated with the content and context of your blog, which I find personally, as a muslim, offensive and contrary to your tagline which suggests that you are trying to promote "dialog".

I hope some day that you will indeed be able to approach my religion with a true intent at dialog. Until then, I hope my request can be honored.

God bless.
Abu Daoud said…
Dear Nas,

I felt that my post was, on the whole positive. I agree with you that Ramadan, like Christmas for Christians, is often approached from a judgmental point of view. I think that is clear from my post.

I will delete the post if you will explain to me why you feel that I am not approaching dialog "with a true intent at dialog."


Abu Daoud
Nas said…
Abu Daoud,

This is not in reference to merely this post, as I stated previously, but rather it being re-published amidst the context of the writings in this blog as a whole. You have a right to an opinion about Islam, but I don't wish for my post to be published in the midst of those opinions lest it be misunderstood or taken out of context.

In any case, at the end of the day, I would appreciate you acknowledging and respecting my request, from one blogger to another, rather than highlighting the apparent need for others to read these replies.

Thank you.
Abu Daoud said…
Dear Nas, I respect your opinion and will remove the post as you request.

I am indeed critical of Islam, but I think you will find if you read the blog that I am also critical of Western culture and also see some positive things in Islam.

On the whole, though, yes, I do not see that Islam as a whole is producing a positive impact on our world today, whereas I do see Christianity doing so.


Abu Daoud said…
Incidentally, I extend to you a standing invitation to write an article critical of this blog which I will publish, without comment on my part or editing, at your pleasure. The invitations is genuine. I am always open to voices of criticism.

And I think that is something you and I have in common--a sense that self-criticism is important and helpful.

Forgive the extensive reply,

ابو داود
Nas said…
Abu Daoud,

Thank you for removing the post as well as extending me the invitation. However, I feel no need nor desire to criticize you, your opinions or this blog. If my religion has taught me anything, it's: to each his own; voices of dissent should be respected.

All the best


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