Sam Zwemer's failed prophecy

How wrong he was:

The impact of the West through trade, governments, and education, has
utterly changed all social standards, practices, and ideals. The old Islam is disintegrating: No one can arrest the process. The new Islam is anxious to incorporate all the progress and ideals of western civilization by a reinterpretation of the Koran.

--Sam Zwemer, Ch 5, Disintegration of Islam (p 196) 1915 (I think)


Anonymous said…
What about Turkey? They're rather modern and Muslim at the same time. The UAE? I don't know much about the Islamic world pre-1915 but those two seem pretty progressive.
Abu Daoud said…
The UAE, if you look at the actual folks living there, is like, what, 35% Muslim? Lots of Hindus and Catholics from India and the Philippines.

Turkey? Becoming more and more Islamic and less secular by the year.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Granted. I see the UAE as probably the most progressive and liberal/tolerant of the Muslim states. That may well be out of necessity but I think they realize they need to succeed as a bridge between east and west if they are to survive.

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