Important: invitation to converse

American Muslima has invited me (and presumably this blog's readership) to converse on her blog regarding my recent post of "Priorities for Islamic Activities in the West" by Sheikh (meaning 'elder')'Abdul-Khaaliq (which means 'slave of the creator, FYI).

Please do read her post, and here I have something odd to request, have your wives (many of you are married men) share their thoughts and experiences with American Muslima.

I have complete confidence in you to act and write with utmost integrity.

bi 'ism illah (in the name of God)

--Abu Daoud ("a Christian with a blog" :-)

My link is HERE.

Her response is HERE.


patricia said…
Thank you for this post.

I will certainly enjoy discussing this very important issue with all of your readers.

An american convert to Islam.

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