Anglicans address Islam: The Church and Islam

This is not an initiative of the feeble, emaciated American Anglicans (The Episcopal Church, of which I am one), but of the Africans, who are full of piss and vinegar, as my dad would say.

The Church and Islam

Maybe the Catholics will do something like this? (And maybe frogs will...)


Anonymous said…
The Catholics already did. It was called the Crusades. And that is why we dont presently speak arabic in Europe.

Does that website have any meaning for the majority of Anglican clergy and layfolk? The Archbishop of Canterbury supported the recognition of sharia laws in England. I am sorry to offend, but the Anglican Communion is full of double talk on Islam and orthodox christian values from the leadership on down.

As to "when frogs will..."

Presently, the Catholic Church is dealing with the crisis on multiple fronts but in much more subtle ways than in medieval times. Reasserting Orthodoxy with B16's reform of the reform is the biggest sea change that will bring a natural awareness in Europe though it will take a generation or more.... and hopefully it wont be too late. My guess is there will be another great war in Europe before it is all said and done... except this time it wont be between Christians.
Don said…
My dad used to use that expression, too. That's why he named his last cat PV.
David said…
I have little doubt that some day in the not-so-distant future, Africans, who have been evangelized by Europeans and Americans (with the exceptions of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Egypt, of course), will have to re-evangelize Europe and America. This website is only the beginning of that.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Ireneaus,

The Crusades, indeed. A complex topic and not one that could be repeated today, even if there were a will for it, which there isn't. The Crusades didn't 'save' Europe from Islam though, it was, rather, the Reconquista of Spain and Sicily, the deliverance of Austria, and the maritime Battle of Lepanto that together (among others) did.

It's the same Anglican Communion. The difference is that voices like Williams are receding and those of Akinola (of Nigeria) are ascending. So does this website speak to the average Anglican? Not yet, but it will. I have spoken at many churches through the years and people really want to know about Islam. They have all kinds of ridiculous stereotypes really, and it's kind of hopeless work bc so few people will actually go out and say, you know, I'm going to form real, genuine friendships with Muslims and get out of my comfort zone. SO few. Cowardice. Sloth. Kyrie eleison.

It's nice that BXVI has been on the move. But what matters most is boots on the ground--normal lay Catholics, not so much bishops and archimandrites and what have you. I agree that BXVI has handled himself well with Islam, and is a much more competent cleric than is Rowan.

Abu Daoud said…
David: I think you're right on, both for Anglicans, Catholics, and even Methodists. I think like 38% of the UMC delegates are from Africa, which means the UMC will be saved, unlike ELCA and TEC. What is your denom. background, if I may ask?
David said…
I'm Eastern Orthodox (formerly Roman Catholic); the topic of your blog is especially interesting to me because I converted to Orthodoxy due to my interactions with Orthodox Christians in a predominantly Muslim setting (Iraq).
Abu Daoud said…
Ahlan wa Sahlan David. And you too Irenaeus. Thanks for commenting and reading the blog. Let me know if you have any specific topics you would like to know more about.


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