Priorities for Islamic Activities in the West

[AD says, this is an important document outlining a Sunni Muslim plan for seeing the triumph of Islam over the failing powers of Western society. It is working very well so far.]

Priorities of Islamic Activities in the West
'Abdur-Rahmaan 'Abdul-Khaaliq

Muslim minorities in the West need urgent help to preserve their identity, Religion and their very existence.

To achieve this, Muslims must:

1 - Re-establish unity in this nation all over the world. Muslims must be loyal to other Muslims and disloyal to all Kufaar. This unity must be implemented by deed and not only by tongue.

2 - Affirm the basic belief that Muslims are members of the best nation ever that was introduced to humanity. Affirm the correct Islamic beliefs that will make Muslims feel pride in their Religion and feel the sweetness of Iman in their hearts. This can be accomplished by teaching the correct belief and knowing the ways of the Kufaar, to avoid them.

Muslims must feel the great bounty of Allah (Ta'aala) that He guided them to the correct Religion. Religion must be understood and believed in. Muslims must study Christian beliefs. The struggle between Islam and Christianity will last till the end of time.

Muslims must also preserve the Islamic code of dress, Islamic foods and marry Muslim women and, if they wish, only pure and good Christian women.

3 - Arabic must be the first language for all Muslims again. Learning Arabic during childhood and giving it its due place in the Religion is a must. Arabic is a necessity of Islam that must be preserved.

4 - Muslims must Perform Da'wah (propagating Islam) wherever they me be,

(Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining righteousness and forbidding evil. And it is those who are the successful.) [3: 104]

Religion must be held to be the reason behind our existence,

(And I (Allah) created not the Jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone).) [51:56]

5 - Ahlu As-Sunnah Wa Al-Jama'ah and the way and understanding of the Companions are what Muslims should call for. Muslims should warn of all misguided groups and define the One Righteous Group. To fight against misguided groups and off-shoot sects is a necessity. This means that Muslims will fight against all five major misguided groups who have corrupt beliefs:

- Al Khawaarij,
- Shi'ites,
- Al Jahmiyah,
- Al Qadariyah and,
- Al Murji'ah.

6 - Muslims of the West must be united in every matter. They must call to Islam and preserve their loyalty to Muslims and be disloyal to the disbelievers. Arabic must be their first language. Muslims should seek to socialize with, marry from and meet other Muslims in lectures, Masaajid (plural of Masjid), universities, picnics and general activities. Muslims must not be isolated from other Muslims.

7 - Muslims must be concerned with Islamic education for their children from primary to secondary education. Muslims must establish Islamic schools that will preserve and teach Islam to their children in their first years. The first years of life are what will shape the beliefs and ways of later years.

8 - Muslims must seek to preserve Muslim presence in Eastern Europe and strengthen this presence. Muslims in Albania and Bosnia must be provided with material help so they can defend themselves. Muslims must also help Muslims of Eastern Europe using all means possible. Also, Muslims everywhere must seek to protect the Religious, educational and social rights of Muslim minorities in the West.

Muslims of the West must not be prevented from practicing and propagating Islam, the True Religion.

9 - A higher authority for the benefit of Muslim immigrants must be established to protect the rights of Muslim minorities. This authority will coordinate between all Islamic organizations that operate in the West. Coordination will benefit and organize the activities of Islamic organizations and will provide them with vital and firsthand information about needs and the situation of Muslim minorities.

10 - Establish committees composed of Muslim scholars that will teach the Religion to Muslim immigrants and solve their problems according to the Qur'an and the Sunnah. These committees will have firsthand knowledge of the situation of Muslims and provide answers to their problems. These solutions will seek to preserve the Religion, identity and existence of Muslim immigrants.

11 - Establish a sound economic system that will benefit Muslim immigrants in the West. This economic system will provide an honorable life and financial independence for Muslims. This is better than the way that many Muslims of the West live, by seeking the help of the Kaafir government or engaging in usury, prostitution, gambling or [other] dishonorable acts.


Don said…
There are some problems in this plan, though.

First, getting unity amongst Muslims, especially Arab Muslims, is tricky because a) they're always fighting over who's going to be first (like the disciples) and b) their founder didn't check this, unlike ours.

Second, many Muslims count a language other than Arabic as their primary language. Re-educating Muslims in this is going to be difficult.

There are other problems, but I think the reason why Islam's agenda in the West has gotten as far as it has is more due to the weakness of their opponents than their own strength. This is especially true in Europe. Any group that sticks together even half-heartedly and plugs away at its agenda is going to make progress in the face of weak and uncertain opposition, which is exactly what the secular West offers.
patricia said…
Enjoyed your post. Visit my blog.

I would be interested in your comments.
I'm no dhimmi said…
The intolerant totalitarian ideology known as Islam. Thanks for publicly displaying your deep disdain for all non-Muslims.

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