A fifth of European Union will be Muslim by 2050

That is according to the (London) Telegraph.

The link is HERE.

The Telegraph does not say it, but everyone should understand that that 20% will be on the balance young and poor, and hence angry. That, historically speaking, has always been the recipe for an attempted coup or revolution or civil war or something of the sort (think American Revolution, French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, etc.)

Ultimately though, it's hard to feel sorry for the (white) Europeans. The Islamization of Europe is a sure thing unless we are treated to another one of those fascinating European concoctions like Communism, Marxism, Nazism, fascism, or ultra-nationalism. I doubt that it will happen though--those all were led and initiated by youth, and Europe has successfully birth-controlled and aborted its youth away.

So long Europe.


Lou said…
We're not gone yet.
Europe will not be quietly handed over.
Anonymous said…
20% will be on the balance young and poor, and hence angry

It is true that God will test us with difficulties to help us believe. Therefore, yes, it very well might be the angry and poor and hungry that will finally come to God.

Anonymous said…
However, after a more careful research I think the articles are muslims moving to Europe not converting to Islam.

Are you concerned that Muslims need to stay out of more so called civilized countries?????

Custard. said…
As far as I know, there are three main groups in the UK that are growing in numbers and have high birth rates.

They are Muslims, evangelical Christians and the semi-literate, state-subsidised poor (ideal recruiting ground for the far right).

Make of that what you will. I think this is going to be an interesting ride.
Abu Daoud said…

As long as you act with love, God bless you.

American Muslima,

The classical position of the shari'a is that it is haram for a Muslim to live in dar al harb except under very specific circumstances. If I were a Muslim I would be concerned for their eternal fate actually. The Qur'an is clear that one cannot pick and choose.

I would also wonder, if indeed the umma is 'best of all peoples' why are so many Muslims doing everything they can to leave dar al islam? There is something very illogical about this all, no? These are important questions.

Once the West is Islamized it will decline, just as did the once-great cities of Carthage and Istanbul.

I project that the educational and scientific achievements of W. Europe will also decline. But again, maybe that's not entirely bad. Perhaps it is better to be in Cairo where family is still respected and people are mostly poor and uneducated, than in Copenhagen (been there) where people are educated and rich and have little respect for family, marriage, and God. It is not clear to me that secular Europe is in some essential way superior to dar al islam.

RE Western Europe, I am not from there. So what they want to do with their immigration policy is up to them. The root of their problem is not immigration of Muslims though (alone) but also a history of colonialism and failed military ventures in places they had no business being, which produced those waves of immigration.

There is also the difficult fact that there really aren't successful, just Muslim countries anywhere in the world today. Show me one Muslim country with a decent human rights record. Or let's use Islamic categories: show me one Muslim country where shari'a has been applied well and is leading to prosperity, justice, military and political success, and all those things that are promised in the Qur'an? "Islam is the solution." Where? Where has it worked? There are dozens of countries with some version of the shari'a, where is it working? No where. It is, I believe, an unworkable and unrealistic system.


Anonymous said…
I think by the tone of your voice you already realize that living in a non dar al harb will not be a basis for condemnation to hell.

I agree sharia will not bring equality nor peace.
But Quran will.
Abu Daoud said…
Salam ya Muslima,

Shari'a will not bring peace, but the Qur'an will?

Would be interested in hearing your ideas on how this will happen. I guess one of the hardest questions would be, who is in charge of interpreting and enforcing the qur'an?

Am genuinely interested in hearing your thoughts.


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