More on Malmo and the Islamization of Sweden

I had previously posted on Malmo in Sweden. And now this: Ramadan, the 'month of peace' is an occasion of violence:

While many families celebrated the beginning of the Ramadan fast, police and demonstrations met in violent confrontations. Stones and firecrackers were thrown around.

"They don't respect Muslims. They don't take into account this is the month that is the month of peace," says Ahmad el Mohamad of Herrgården [area in the district of Rosengård, Malmö].

Under the slogans "Cops out of Herrgården", "reduced rent and complete renovation of all dilapidated buildings" and "self-government and free youth centers" the "Reclaim Rosengård" group organized a street party Saturday night.

The protest started at 8pm when the group started gathering at the roundabout next to the Shell station on Ramels väg. The gas station is normally open till midnight, but due to the expected disturbances they closed already at 5pm.

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Look at the difference between a peaceful pro-Israel demonstration and a violent demonstration for Palestine. The video speaks for itself.
Abu Daoud said…
Dear Stacy,

Dorry for taking so long to answer this. Hope all is well with you, and thanks for dropping by the blog. Am wondering if you have been keeping up with all the discussion about Fatima bint Muhammad from Saudi who was martyred at age 26. This was last year in August.

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