Why use the Koran in witnessing to Muslims?

From a Camel Training Guide, no author, no date, no publisher, p 40:

1) We must start where they are.
2) We cannot be blamed for making converts when I use their holy book to confront them with who Jesus is.
3) Using the Koran enables a Muslim Background believer to relate to his family and friends and minimize persecution.
4) We can use the Koran to lift Jesus out of prophet status and closer to Savior status in the mind of a Muslim.


Don said…
I think this is the way to go.

I work for a ministry which has been teaching people for nearly four decades to share their faith with people such as Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons using their own sciptures. There's no reason why this cannot be done with the Qur'an, esp. in view of the nature of many of its ayat.

However--and this is important--no account of sharing one's faith with a Muslim is complete without emphasising the importance of relationship building, and witnessing with one's life.

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