Ray Register on the Islamic idea that Jesus was not crucified

Many Muslims hold to the idea that Jesus was not actually crucified, but really someone else was crucified in his place. Who that was is a matter of wide conjecture, some saying that one of his disciples volunteered to die so his master could escape, others that Judas Iscariot or one of the Roman soldiers was crucified, and thus it was a form of punishment. Anyway, here is an interesting quote on the topic:

Or could it have been because Muhammad, in his most severe time of testing in Mecca, chose to flee for his life? In reality, the Hijrah was the very opposite of the cross. A religion based on the escape or Hijrah could not allow the cross to keep its meaning.

Ray G. Register, Jr. Dialogue and Interfaith Witness with Muslims. 1979, 1994. Multi-Language Media. p 44.


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