Crazy Summer, Prayer

Hi All,

This will be the most busy and intense summer I've ever had, including visits to Greece, Scotland, and two states in the US. I am not entirely looking forward to it, but that's just how stuff happens when you're in the field AND you have a family AND you don't have to travel by steamboat, like back in the days. Then you could literally tell people, sorry, we can't go to the US because the trip takes like six months.

Anyway, please do pray for us:
-A fruitful summer, I have a lot of teaching lined up
-Visas to get fixed up--there is hopeful movement on this topic, so your prayers have been working so far.
-PhD work, it's scooting along, but is is scooting the right way?
-Recovery, the leg is still not 100%, pray for continued recovery back to how it was before. The Dr. said this is possible.


Abu Daoud


Joel said…
Coming to Virginia, DC or Maryland?
Abu Daoud said…

Alas, no. Colorado and California... Perhaps in 2010? We well be in the US longer that summer and we have friends in Virginia, NH, and NC.

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