Raising Support: "All things come of thee O Lord..."

"All things come of thee O Lord, and of thine own we have given thee."

I have never, and God willing will never, use this blog to raise support for our mission here in the Middle East. That is not why I started it and TBTG we are well and have food and shelter and all that we need.

BUT, if you want to support a family raising support for going on mission to Dar al Islam then I have a few options for you and your church! Concerned about N Africa? Let me know. Wanting to support some folks who desire to work in Europe in a heavily-Islamized area? Let me know. These two families have been out on the road raising support for a while, they are both ALMOST there, but not quite. Your pledge of $50/month or $100/month would go a long way.

Do I sound bold? I do. But have I not earned the right to be bold? And I do not exercise this authority on my own behalf, but on behalf of my brothers who have heard the call to be a Christian witness in the Muslim world.

Look, it's simple: if you don't send, they can't go. If they don't go, they can't preach. And if they there is no preaching, then how will they hear? Sound familiar? I thought so, but it was valid in Paul's day and it is in ours.

Salamu Aleykum!
سلام عليكم

ابو داود

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