Dar al-Masih: A Blog Created to Help Catholics Evangelize Muslims

Wow, what is the world coming to these days? A blog created to help CATHOLICS evangelize Muslims?! And just after I slapped the RC church for not doing anything to evangelize the 20% of the world population that is dar al islam?

The name of the blog is dar al masih, which is arabic for 'the abode of Messiah' (rather obvious that, no?)

It is a new project, and one I wish the best of luck and fortune and fruitfulness. If just 1% of 1% of Catholics around the world were trained and equipped for witness to Muslims that would be 10,000 new mssionaries/evangelists.

Dar al Masih


Thanks for mentioning my blog! I'm trying hard to make more Catholics aware of our obligation to share the gospel.
Patrick said…
Blessing to this project. Next we need to work on getting Catholics to evangelize other Catholics! :)
Abu Daoud said…
Patrick, I know of a lot of Catholics doing that already, I know of very few that evangelize Muslims.

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