The difficulties of being a Muslim convert to Christ

Just had dinner tonight with a friend, a believer from Muslim background. He is getting up there in age and he desires to be married--a wonderful thing.

But especially hard for someone like him. If he marries a normal Muslima then the Christians will despise him. But if he wants to marry a Christian girl then the Christians will probably not allow him to. If he wants to marry a believer from an Islamic background (which is what he would like to do) the he has to find a needle in the haystack.

Pray for this wonderful and faithful brother please.

Abu Daoud


TH in SoC said…
Why would Christians not allow this man to marry a Christian woman, since he is now a Christian? I don't understand.
Abu Daoud said…
Because from the point of view of Christians here (including evangelicals) once you are a Muslim you are always a Muslim. Also, they think that Muslims are just acting like Christians so they can marry a Christian woman, and then they go back to Islam after they are married, and the woman can't do anything, and all the children are Muslims.
amy said…
I will pray for him.

Praise God for the light of Christ to dwell within his heart.

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