UK and Terrorism

Hmm, doesn't look like very good news:

Then consider this: a few days ago, The Telegraph revealed that nearly half of all CIA operations – aimed at protecting the US from another 9/11 – are now conducted inside Britain. The CIA has informed president Obama that the most likely source of a terrorist attack on the US is “British-born Pakistani extremist[s]” traveling to the US from the UK.

From the Brussels Journal.


Samuel said…
It's good the CIA knows where to keep their eyes on. That den of infestation needs to be thoroughly dealt with or cleaned out before it grows into a major disaster (for the UK and the world). We don't need another Waziristan in the UK.

The article says that the UK's Home Department seems to have had no alternative but to ban Geert Wilders from entering the UK in appeasement of "Britain's Muslim peer, Lord Nazir Ahmed," who "threatened to mobilize 10,000 Muslims to protest Wilders' appearance and the showing of Fitna in the British Parliament." (From Jihad Watch.)

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