Genuine Reform in KSA?

Could it be? Genuine reform in KSA! Look at these items from the AP:

Another major change targets education. The king appointed Prince Faisal bin Abdullah, his son-in-law, as education minister. Khashoggi said Faisal has been working behind the scenes on plans to reform education. After the Sept. 11 attacks, carried out by 19 Arabs, including 15 Saudis, many in the U.S. blamed the Saudi educational system for helping create an atmosphere that justifies extremism.

Noura al-Fayez has been appointed Faisal's deputy for girls' education — the first time a woman has been appointed a deputy minister.

And this:

The Saudi Press Agency said Abdullah has ordered the re-establishment of the Grand Ulama Commission — a religious scholars body — with 21 members from all branches of Sunni Islam. This is a major shift for the kingdom because it will give more moderate Sunni schools representation in a body that has always been governed by the strict Hanbali sect. No minority Shiites, however, have been appointed to the commission.

Abdul-Aziz bin Humain will replace Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ghaith as head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, which runs the religious police, according to the agency.

Bin Humain, who is believed to be more moderate than al-Ghaith, will head a body whose members have been criticized by Saudis for their harsh behavior.

Best wishes to King Abdullah. KSA is in dire need of reform.


Don said…
No surprise the Sh'ia aren't in the game yet. First, most Salafis consider Sh'ia Islam not to be Islam. Second, it would be a conduit for Iranian infiltration, and that's a serious problem for the House of Saud.
Samuel said…
Good moves by King Abdullah. I just hope he won't be assassinated for it by some radical islamist (like King Faisal back in 1975, even though it was for a different reason).

In a way the Shia cannot be included because of the major schism between them and the Sunnis with their murder of Ali, Hassan, and Hussein, the three most prominant figures to Shia Muslims after Muhammad. And in view of Iran's threats and challenges to the region, and their incitement to genocide, they're better excluded in my view.

The Saudi hateful educational system is in hopeless need of reform. One is much better off being uneducated than being Saudi educated. Their education that teach things like Christians and Jews are apes and swines needs to go.

**************** From MSNBC ****************

Nina Shea's group the Center for Religious Freedom examined textbooks used during the past school year, and found the following teachings, which were verified by NBC News:

* Jews and Christians are "enemies" of Muslims.
* Every religion other than Islam is "false."
* "The hour [of Judgment] will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them."

"It's taught that Christians and Jews are the enemy of the Muslim," says Shea. "And that the Muslim must wage jihad in order to spread the faith in battle against the infidel."

What's more, an eighth grade text equates Jews with "apes" and Christian infidels with "swine." A tenth grade text teaches that the life of a Muslim is worth twice that of a non-Muslim.,

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