Prayer Request

Hi All,

As you know back in November I was hit by a car and the recovery has been long and difficult. I had been feeling that things were really getting better though, but now I am having some pretty substantial pain in my knee. Please do take a moment and say a prayer. Life in this region is challenging as it is, without the difficulties of not being able to walk well and feeling pain when I do.

Thank you all. I hope this blog is informative, but through your prayers you become part of our work and witness here.


Abu Daoud


Samuel said…
You have just been added to my prayer list. (You're lucky I can take on more patients!) Wishing you speedy healing and recovery. (If it remains bad you'll need to consult your physician.) God bless, Sam.
Brett said…
I'm praying too.
Anthony said…
Abu Daoud

I will remember you in my prayers at Mass. I am an admirer of your blog, from which I have learned so much. In Melbourne I don't have much contact with Islam, but I occasionally go to an Iraqi Chaldean rite youth group.

FrGregACCA said…
You, your family, and those with whom you work have been, and remain, in our prayers, both privately and at the altar.
Abu Daoud said…
Thank you all for your prayers. I have not received any specific treatment or medication and feeling much better than last week I asked for your prayers. They are working!
Samuel said…
You're very welcome, Abu Daoud. It's wonderful when that healing power of Christ is with you.

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