Books I'm Reading...

Haven't done this in a while, but here they are:

Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain. Am really impressed by this book, the language is wonderful and the story flows along well. I also love thst these kids are familiar with nature--they can cross the river and live alone on an island for a few days, they know how to fish and cook basic things. Wonderful.

New Paths in Muslim Evangelism, by Phil Parshall (Baker House 1980). See my blurb on this below. I just finished it yesterday, but still need to finish combing the bibliography.

The Anthropology of Religion, by Fiona Bowie (Blackwell Publishing 2000). As I try to expand my knowledge in the area of ethnography and anthropology this is what I've picked up. Am so far enjoying it. Really provides a great basic knowledge of the different areas out there, though the author does not usually firmly come down on one side or another.

It is time for me to start another book, but still have not made a decision on it...


Samuel said…
I'm glad you liked Tom Sawyer. I greatly enjoyed it myself. Samuel Clemens has a way of writing that makes you forget that you're reading printed words on paper, so that the whole scene comes alive as if unfolding in a theater.

I remember Tom's encounter with that girl was cute and funny (forgot her name).

What's next? Huckleberry Finn?
Abu Daoud said…
Will probably start reading Umberto Ecco's new novel.
Tom Sawyer is AWESOME!!

Have you read Kissing Cousins? by Bill Musk?
Abu Daoud said…
I have the book, but have not yet read it. It's on my list though!

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