Prayer, and recent news on Yemen

Hi All,

Am going in for a minor surgery tomorrow to get the screws in my leg removed. Please say a short prayer for me, and for the physicians. FYI, did you know that Sts. Michael the Archangel and Stanislaus are the patrons for folks with broken bones, and of course St. Luke is patron for doctors.

Also, a very good article here on Yemen, a country very close to my hear, and a place where I desire to see the good message flourish (Our Lady of Arabia being the patroness for that entire region):

Yemen: The Well Runs Dry


Samuel said…
Prayers already made, best of health and good wishes to you on your surgery.

I didn't know the patrons for broken bones even existed ... but Catholics have some nice and interesting traditions.

Are you originally from Yemen? I share the desire to see Christ come to the hearts of Yemenites.
Abu Daoud said…
Not from Y at all, but for several years now I have been learning about the country and the people there. I think there is a window before the country breaks out in civil war for the seed to be sown.

And yes, Catholics have some interesting traditions, and a few that are outright bizarre :-)
abu 'n um tulip said…
I appreciate the picture of the Akha, Nuqui woman on the right.

WV: sperafe--a one-serving carafe.
Samuel said…
I trust your surgery went well, Abu Daoud. My prayers are with you and your family.

Yesterday I managed to buy Francis Collins' The Language of God, and I'm enjoying reading a remarkably interesting man's journey into the mapping of the human genome (and the language that God used to create living beings--which turns out to be quite mathematical). (Collins was the director of the Human Genome Project.)

God bless.
FrGregACCA said…
AD, hope you are well on the mend. Best to you, your family, and your associates.

Samuel: great book.
Samuel said…
Glad you like the book, FrGreg. Thanks.

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